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Colloidal Silver for Pets


Mother Nature's Antibiotic

All natural and non-toxic! Kills bacteria, fungi, viruses and germs!
Great for minor cuts and scrapes, promotes healing, fights infection
Kills over 650 pathogens!

What is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal Silver is extremely small silver particles suspended in water. The water is charged by setting a small electrical current through an electrolyte with silver electrodes. Very small molecular particles are then drawn off of the positive electrode, thus resulting in the positive charge and the Colloidal Silver.

How does the silver work?

Silver is an extremely effective and powerful agent for fighting all types of germs and bacteria. As stated in " Use of Colloids in Health and Disease " by Dr. Henry Crooks, Colloidal Silver is highly germicidal and is said to kill all fungus, virus, bacterium, streptococcus, staphylococcus and other pathogenic organisms. He has also stated that there has been no microbe known that is resistant to the germicidal properties of silver. When silver is in the presence of a virus, fungus, bacteria, or any other single-celled pathogenic organism, it disables it's metabolism enzyme and within 6 minutes the pathogen suffocates and dies. Silver, unlike traditional antibiotics, leaves these tissue-cell enzymes intact. Silver is known to kill over 650 pathogens that can cause problems in the body and resistant strains fail to develop.

Uses of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver has many uses. As mentioned above, it is a natural and non-toxic antibiotic which is used on all types of skin irritations as well as when taken internally, can boost the immune system. Colloidal Silver can also be used when washing fruits and vegetables to kill any bacteria, as well as to help preserve them in storage as the silver has anti-fungal properties. When used either in the water or in the soil, Colloidal Silver can help prevent fungal attacks and parasites in plants. The silver can also be added to a misting sprayer for use on leaves. Colloidal Silver is also an effective sanitizer. When used in cleaning water, it is a natural, non-toxic disinfectant.

Colloidal Silver is user-friendly

Colloidal Silver is an all natural product. It does not harm "good" bacteria that lives in the intestines. The Colloidal Silver is absorbed from the G.I. Tract before it reaches the good bacteria. It does not interfere with other prescribed medications. It isn't upsetting to the stomach, as it is actually a digestive aid. Colloidal Silver does not sting when sprayed in to the eyes or on any wounds or abrasions. Documented studies over the past 100 years have recorded no known side effects in the colloidal treatment of animals or humans.

What benefits does Colloidal Silver have for our pets?

Silver has been reported to clear up cases of infective and ulcerative skin conditions due to flea infestations, mange, dermatitis and tic bites. It has been proven effective against canine parvo virus, feline leukemia, and ring worm. Add Colloidal Silver to your pet's water dish for the same healing attributes as for humans, and to help their immune system. If your pet is full of life and occasionally suffers wounds in the form of scratches, scrapes, rashes, eye, ear, nose infections, spray the affected areas with the Colloidal Silver to help their bodies fight infection, promote healing and relieve some of the discomfort they may feel. If you feed your pet a raw diet, specifically a raw chicken diet, spray their bowl before and after feeding to help eliminate any bacteria.

History of Colloidal Silver

You may think you've never heard of Colloidal Silver, but, in fact, you may have. Silver has been used for thousands of years to preserve food and water. Our ancestors used to put silver coins in milk and water containers to prevent spoilage. Food was stored in silver containers to prolong freshness. In ancient times, it was said that disease could not be transmitted by drinking out of silver cups. Typically, silver ointments are used in burn centres because of it's abilities to effectively fight infection, promote healing, and reduce scar tissues.

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