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What you choose to feed your dog will determine how healthy he / she will be for life

So why wouldn't you choose to provide a diet that contains all of the essential nutrients? Raw food is becoming more popular all the time. When you actually sit down and think about it, you will see that feeding raw just makes sense.


Look back at our dogs' ancestors and examine their simple yet efficient diets

Nobody was out in the bush cooking their food and adding preservatives, chemicals and grain. In the wild, grains are not usually consumed unless eaten out of the stomach of their prey. So why do we feel the need to now feed our dogs a diet high in foods containing all these "extras" that are not required? Many poor quality commercial dry foods main protein source tends to be grain, which doesn't exactly meet our companions' nutritional needs.

K-9 Choice Foods Inc. uses meat as the main source of protein

It is quite simple - if you need to up your protein intake, what would you rather eat...some grain or a nice slab of Alberta Beef? K-9 Choice Foods Inc. believes there is nothing too good for our pets, and that is why nothing goes in to our products that we ourselves would not eat. If there is any doubt about what is going in to your pets stomach, simply compare the label of any well known commercial food, with one of K-9 Choice Foods labels. If our pet does not need it, K-9 Choice Foods does not use it!

A growing healthy puppy does not need a special puppy food

They need a top quality raw food that can be used at all stages of life to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You also should not have to switch types of food, only the quantity your dog eats. Puppies generally need to eat 6-10% of their body weight over two to four meals per day to grow at a healthy rate. The main portion of their daily food intake should be a variety of raw meat and bones. Raw meat, being highly digestible, also contains the amino acids that are absorbed to assist in growth and development.

Organ meat provides many vitamins such as vitamin A, D, and Essential Fatty Acids ( EFA's )

EFA's are very important, because they contribute to the development of the immune system and nervous system. The bones are a great source of calcium and phosphorus. Not to mention, bones give your pooch a bit of a work out, while keeping their teeth pearly white, and usually keep them out of mischief!

Vegetables shouldn't be forgotten as they consist of many vitamins and minerals for overall health

When selecting vegetables, you should stay away from starchy ones such as potatoes. Generally, green vegetables are the best to use, being abundant in vitamins A, B, D, and C. K-9 Choice Foods Inc. understands the importance of vegetables, and that is why we offer our products both with, and without vegetables for those who wish to create their own mixed balance of meat and vegetables. All vegetables used are hand selected for freshness and quality. A balanced diet between meat and vegetables is as important to your dog as it is to yourself. We at K-9 Choice Foods Inc. have done our homework and created that perfect balance for your dog!

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