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Pure Green Tripe


The best natural supplement pets eat like a treat!

Cleans & flosses teeth - Increases all muscle mass - More efficient food utilization - Promotes easier / proper digestion - Can be used in conjunction with any diet type


What is Green Tripe?

Tripe is the edible lining of ruminant animals first and/or second division of the stomach. "Green" means that the tripe has not been cleaned, bleached nor scalded. The actual color of the tripe can be brown, green or even almost black in color. It should never be white or almost white as the color is where all of the nutrients are.

Tripe is one of the first things that Wolves and other carnivores and omnivores will eat out of their prey in the wild. Just because our family pets are domesticated does not mean that they wouldn't do the same if given the chance.

What nutrients will my dog get from me feeding them Green Tripe?

Green tripe from grass fed beef, supplies enzymes that are integral for proper digestion in canines, as well as omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, probiotics and phytonutrients...making Pure Green Tripe the finest of natural foods! It is also an excellent source of protein, fiber, fat and delivers equal calcium to phosphorus ratio. Tripe contains Lactic Acid Bacteria, ( also known as probiotic ) which is the good intestinal bacteria.

Tripe assists your canine in utilizing food as well, aiding in the digestion process. If you are having problems with your dog not wanting to eat, tripe may be your answer. It has helped many worried owners in stimulating their best friends appetite.

Is Green Tripe human grade?

Absolutely not! In order for tripe to be "human grade" it must be bleached and scalded. The bleaching and scalding process destroys the valuable nutrients that are essential to your canines health and well being.

Should my dogs' Tripe intake be regulated?

The amount of tripe to feed will depend on your dogs individual needs. Determining how much to feed will depend on each individual dog. Tripe can be used on a small or large scale (10% -75%) of the over all diet of your canine.(With such a large difference in the amount used, the advice of your veterinarian is strongly advised). The convenience of it being in a small sized cube gives you the advantage of being able to feed it a little at a time if you wish. Not to mention, not having to completely defrost and have to smell that wonderful smell of tripe that we all enjoy.



Click here for a comprehensive Canadian Nutrition File tripe analysis


Tripe is overall a very important part of your canines diet and should not be missed as part of their diet. Who would have thought that with such a horrible smell it could be such an important part of your canines diet?

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